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We clean all the PVC Home and Business
window frames ~doors ~roof line ~cladding ~porches
uPVC is marketed as maintenance free, but it does need cleaning.
The majority of uPVC is white which becomes dirty and unsightly.
The winter weather leaves the uPVC unclean with deposits of algae developing. Road traffic emissions leave the UPVC dull grey and dirty.
Black streaks caused by the rubber beading around the glass, guttering becomes blocked, filled with leaves and moss causes rainwater to overflow leaving guttering with black streaks.  

Commercial Window Cleaning

We provide a quality Commercial ~ Contract ~ Domestic ~ Window Cleaning service in the North East of England.

We regularly undertake all size commercial cleaning jobs from

Retail ~ Office ~ Business Parks ~ Educational Establishments
Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels are expensive but need to be free from dirt and debris to work at there best.

Estimates by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory
state that solar array efficiency can be reduced by 25% if dirt is allowed to build up.

Whether you need a one off clean or a twice yearly clean Seeclearlee will accommodate your needs