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We provide a quality commercial, contract, private house and window cleaning service in the North East of England

We regularly undertake all-size commercial cleaning jobs - from Retail, Office, Business Parks and Educational establishments .
No job is too small for us and a personal quotation is only a phone call away.
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The Reach & Wash Method
When pure water is used for window cleaning any impurities and dirt particles on the glass are dislodged by scrubbing and held in water.
As the pure water strives to return to its impure state it gathers and holds the dirt.

The glass is given a final rinse with our method and pure water fed poles and the water left will be pure and free of dirt.

The result is clear streak free finish that dries naturally.

A further benefit of this method is that the window frames are cleaned too giving the whole window a better finish.

The system can also reach windows which have been inaccessible. Such as conservatories and garages. No more cracked roof tiles as all work is done from the ground.